Friendly Match
January 3, 1909, at 15.30
Ondarreta Field, San Sebastian

Ciclista Foot–Ball Club


Racing Club de Irún



1–0 Mariano Lacort
2–0 George McGuinness
3–0 George McGuinness
4–0 George McGuinness
5–0 George McGuinness
6–0 C. F. Simmons


  • Bea
  • Lacort
  • Losada
  • McGuinness
  • Miguel Sena
  • Simmons
  • Zabala
  • Arocena
  • Rodríguez
José Ortega



A friendly match was played yesterday afternoon at the Ondarreta field between the Racing Club de Irún and the first team of the Donostiarra Club.

At the time of starting the match, there was a very large crowd on the Ondarreta field, evident proof that in our city the love for this sport feeds in an extraordinary way.

The Donostiarra team underwent some modifications, playing in place of Elósegui, Juanito Zabala, a boy, almost a child, who yesterday already demonstrated to be an excellent player and who if he continues practicing the sport with the enthusiasm of now, will become a very formidable forward. .

As a midfielder, Mr. Losada also played for the first time, a player of great will who only needs to be a little more experienced in these fights, to occupy a very distinguished position.

In the Racing de Irún team, we saw the famous backs Arocena and Rodríguez, notable players, justly applauded every time they have played for Sporting.

The fight began shortly after three–thirty, with Mr. Ortega, a member of the San Sebastian Society, acting as judge, who carried out his difficult task with great impartiality and success.

From the first moment the dominance of the Donostiarra team was seen, but despite this, the match was very competitive and there were very interesting moments in it.

Racing took the serve, but soon the forwards of our club took control of the pack and despite the fierce and beautiful defense put up by the Irunese backs, they put Lacort in a position to immediately score the first goal in favor of the San Sebastian team.

Once play resumed, Zabala makes a beautiful start, crosses and Mac Guinnees scores the 2nd goal for San Sebastián.

The same player scores the 3rd, 4th and 5th goals, the fourth very well centered by Lacort and the fifth by Miguel Sena, then taking a rest.

In the second half, the Irunese team grew and even though their goal was constantly bombarded by our team, they knew how to defend it bravely.

There was a time when the platoon did not leave a very small stretch of land, playing, both from Irun and from San Sebastian, in an excellent way.

After a heroic defense by the Racing goalkeeper and backs, Simmons scored the 6th and final goal for the San Sebastian team, thus achieving a 6-0 victory.

The San Sebastian team has improved extraordinarily since the last time we saw them play. It is their coldest, most calculating, most English game in a word, and all the players keep their positions perfectly. The line of forwards is superb, and can be compared to what any foreign company can present.

The Irun team is also more perfect. They understand each other very well and know how to combine.

Very good defenses. The entire burden of the game passed on them yesterday and whatever we say about their backs, mainly Arocena, will be little in relation to their merit.

The public rewarded the work of both teams with great applause and left the field very satisfied with having witnessed a competitive and interesting match.

Next Sunday, both teams will probably play again in Irun.

El Pueblo Vasco, January 4, 1909.