Friendly match
January 10, 1909, at 15.00
Elizatxo field, Irun, Gipuzkoa

Racing Club de Irún


Ciclista Foot–Ball Club



1–2 Canedeno

0–1 George McGuinness
0–2 Juanito Zabala
1–3 George McGuinness


  • Gallego
  • Arocena
  • Carredano
  • Patri Arabolaza
  • Ignacio Arabolaza
  • González
  • Marchena
  • Sánchez
  • M. Michelena
  • Goyenechea
  • Loinaz
  • Alfonso Sena
  • Arriaga
  • Arrillaga
  • Bea
  • Beguiristain
  • Elósegui
  • McGuinness
  • Miguel Sena
  • Simmons
  • Usandizaga
  • Zabala



With more male and female attendance than was expected due to the low temperature and the gloom of the day, the announced match began at three o’clock in the afternoon.

The first teams of the Ciclista Foot–Ball Club of San Sebastian and the Racing Club of Irun were competing for the second time, who already fought last Sunday on the Ondarreta field.

It was up to the Cyclist to choose the field and the Racing team started the game when the referee, Mr. Ruiz, gave the starting signal: the forwards of the C. F. C. took over the big ball and ten minutes had not passed when McGuinness, after a shot that was saved very well by the Racing Gallego goalkeeper (L.) scores the first goal of the afternoon for his team.

Irún kicked off for the second time, Carredano runned to the line and hitted the post; at the same time, Arocena stops a start from McGuinness and shoots from the middle of the field without effect. After several plays by the forwards of the Irun team, Simmons makes two shots, one of which is overlooked and the other is stopped with serenity and success by Gallego.

He then scored a cross from Guinness to Beguiristain, who shot and a very good start from the Irunese team, who reached the San Sebastian goal well defended by Bea, and a pass from Guinness to Sena (Miguel) who was offside, and who did not having in front of him, no opponent shoots overlooking the platoon. The Irunese, who come up with some nice combinations, attack, mainly the brothers Arabolaza and Carredano, who when running the line lose a goal due to haste. Once again the ball is rejected into the Racing field, where Simmons shoots, a shot that Gallego stops; Zabala then passes to Simmons who tries to score a goal with his head, and it doesn’t work because he passes high. Immediately afterwards Zabala, who if he had more time available to exercise in this sport would be one of the best players on the team, scores the second goal in favor of the Ciclista.

Once Racing comes out for the third time, the San Sebastian team settles into the Irun field, where they are unable to score any goals, because Arocena and Gallego, who are doing horrible things, needless to say the first. In this period of time, he noted as worthy of mention a shot by Simmons backwards and elevated, which Gallego stopped by throwing it into the corner, which was taken very well by McGuinness; a shot by Carredano, a departure from Gallego to the middle of the field and a beautiful combination of the Irun forwards that reached the San Sebastian goal, in which Carredano lost a very precious goal. The referee then gives the signal for rest, which is used by the public to extend the numb limbs and to warm up the “abdominal” extremities (vulgo feet) that, due to the truly winter day, are frozen.

In the second half, McGuinness reaches the Irun goal, where he shoots repeatedly but to no avail. Arocena passes the ball to the Irunese forwards who, reaching the line of the San Sebastian backs, shoot several times: one of these shots is stopped by Alfonso Sena who is playing superbly and who passes to the goal keeper of Ciclista Bea, who tries to catch it with his hand and arriving very opportunely, Canedeno makes the ball enter the San Sebastian goal for the first time.

From this moment on, the Irunese players are encouraged, but they achieve nothing despite their way of bombing, because of the safety of Sena (A) and Bea. And after several corners and replacing the broken ball with another, Simmons shoots for Gallego and McGuinness scores the third goal for San Sebastian. Immediately afterwards, the referee Mr. Ruiz, who has judged the match very impartially, gives the signal to end the match with the victory of Ciclista F. C. by 3 goals to 1.

I conclude by saying that the C. F. C. team distinguished McGuinness, Simmons, Sena (A), Zabala, and the R. C. I., Arocena, Araboloza (brothers) and Gallego and that if it continues at this pace the Racing Club de Irún team must manage to rub shoulders with the best French and Spanish clubs.

El Pueblo Vasco, January 11, 1909.