The Ciclista Foot–Ball Club is founded from the merger between the Club Ciclista de San Sebastián and the San Sebastián Foot–Ball Club

Sports notes

Ciclista Foot–Ball Club

In the halls of the League of Property, Industry and Commerce, the Club Cliclista held its general meeting yesterday.

A large committee from the San Sebastián Football Society also attended this meeting.

At the beginning of the meeting, matters related to the merger of both Companies were discussed.

The merger bases presented by the commission appointed for this purpose were approved, and it was agreed that both entities would constitute a single Company, which will be called “Ciclista Foot–ball Club”.

The Board of Directors of the new Society (Club) was then appointed, which was constituted as follows:

President, Mr. Ferreirós; vice president, Mr. Aguirrebengoa; secretary, Mr. Salvadores; deputy secretary, Mr. Zapirain; treasurer, Mr. Cangual.

Members: Mr. Abrisqueta, Sena, Bitanbé, Lafont, Bea, Larreta, Domínguez and Durand.

The “Ciclista Foot–ball Club” agreed to hold football races and matches for members exclusively and every three months, with the General Meeting being responsible for setting the dates and organizing the parties.

When this union was made, the Society is currently made up of 204 members, a respectable figure that must be increased considerably by promoting the other sports it has in the pipeline, and by making such important reforms to the velodrome that will provide all kinds of distractions to its members.

The new Board of Directors will discuss these reforms at its next meeting, and we believe that they will easily achieve their purposes given the tireless activity of the elements that constitute it.

It is to be hoped that this Society will become, of its kind, one of the most important in Spain.

El Pueblo Vasco, November 30th, 1908.


The General Meeting of the Club Ciclista was held yesterday morning with quite a lot of attendance, which was also attended by a [San Sebastián] Foot–Ball Club commission with broad powers to accept or reject the rules drawn up by the Club Ciclista commission in charge of the opinion.

The bases for the union of both societies were approved and accepted by the Club Ciclista and the Foot-ball Club with some small modifications, and the merger was agreed yesterday under the title of “Ciclista Foot–ball Club.”

Next, the appointment of the new Board of Directors was carried out, in which elements from both companies were included and this is:

President; Don F. Ferreirós.
Second president, Mr. A. Sainz de Alonso.
Vice President, Mr. D. Aguirrebengoa.
Secretary, Mr. F. Salvadores.
Deputy Secretary, Zapiain.
Treasurer, Mr. J. Cauqual.
Members: Mr. Abrisqueta, Mr. M, Sena, Mr. J. Bitaubé, Mr. A. Lafont, Mr. Bea, Mr. Larrea, Mr. M. Domínguez and Mr. E. Durand.

It was agreed that bicycle races and Foot–Ball matches would be held every three months exclusively for the members of this Club in order to promote both sports and provide entertainment for society. A commission was appointed to draft the new Regulations of the society composed of Mr. Bea and Mr. Sena for Foot–Ball and Durand and Salvadores for Cycling.

The board of directors was granted broad powers to study and organize the new Sports Society, in which the sports of athletics and target shooting will be promoted, as well as the way in which amortizable credit shares for the companies are to be acquired that are necessary in the velodrome.

Given the elements that make up the new board of directors, it is to be expected that these important reforms will have an excellent result and that this club, which today has 204 members, will become much more considerable as soon as these improvements are introduced.

It was already necessary for this capital, a sporting capital par excellence, to have these means.

They also discussed the way in which the international races and the big football match should be organized during the festive season this winter, seeing that everyone is animated with the best wishes, and that these celebrations will be truly highlighted if this club is helped accordingly in terms of the material part.

We hope that those in charge of organizing this winter will be splendid, in the certainty that this club will provide important celebrations of true attraction.

If it does so, we will be lucky enough to see current world champions run in Spain for the first time and witness the most interesting and close football matches.

La Voz de Guipúzcoa, November 30th, 1908.