Friendly match
December 6, 1908, at 15.30
Lamiako Field, Leioa, Bizkaia

Athletic Club


Ciclista Foot–Ball Club



1–2 Iza

0–1 George McGuinness 10′
0–2 George McGuinness 25′


  • Siul
  • J. M. Amann
  • Iza
  • Tickner
  • Tegitia
  • Sainz Vizcaya
  • Roca
  • Zuazo
  • Noriega
  • Barañano
  • Alfonso Sena
  • Arrillaga
  • Artola
  • Bea
  • Durañona
  • Elósegui
  • Lacort
  • McGuinness
  • Miguel Sena
  • Simmons
  • Usandizaga
José Ortega



The constitution of both teams appears to be definitive as follows:

Vizcaya: goal, Line.

Backs: Amann and Taylor.

Midfielders: Iza, Tickner, Belausteguigoitia.

Forwards: Barañano, Linnaae, Goyoaga, Schuroff and Saenz–Vizcaya.

This team is the same team that beat Stade Bordelais by 3 goals to zero at Easter last year.

Its defense lines are very strong, contrasting its enormous weight with the lightness of our forwards.

As for the line of attack, in addition to its weight, it has a speed of action, which must have our defense worried.

The San Sebastian team seems to have not yet been definitively formed, but it is most likely that it will be formed as follows:

Goal: B. C. Peter.

Backs: Alfonso Sena and Durañona.

Midfielders: Arrillaga, Weckley, U. Raymond.

Forwards: Miguel Sena, J. A. McGuinness, C. F. Simmons, Lacort and J. Elósegui; being captained by Miguel Sena.

In this team, the line of attack draws attention, as it is extremely agile and fast. The defense was very equal and secure, with A. Sena standing out, whose progress in the defensive game, and his amazing security, make him one of the best backs in Spain.

The two presidents and numerous partners plan to accompany the San Sebastian team, some of them making the trip by car.

If any news arises, we will report on it in a timely manner.

Combiinación rápida [Quick combination].

El Pueblo Vasco, December 4, 1908.



San Sebastian triumphs

From our correspondent

Bilbao, 6, 10 n.

This afternoon the announced football match between the Athletic Club of Bilbao and the San Sebastian team was played on the Lamiako field.

The game began at three thirty o’clock.

The appearance of the “stand” at the Lamiako field was beautiful beyond all consideration.

A very select crowd, among which the fair sex was distinguished, attended
witness the evidence as interesting as it is brilliant.

When the teams appeared on the field they were the subject of a large round of applause.

Mr. José Ortega, a member of the San Sebastián team, acted as referee.

The situation of the teams in their respective fields was identical and appropriate to fight under equal conditions because the absence of wind was total.

The match was divided into two parts, each lasting forty–five minutes.

From the beginning of the match, the superiority of the San Sebastian team over its opponent was seen, seeing that the former was perfectly trained and that the latter suffered from a lack of unity and organization.

The fight was very tough, because those from San Sebastián, aware that they were fighting with a club that enjoyed a reputation for being invincible, put in a lot of effort and attacked with terrible ferocity.

Ten minutes in, McGuinness, from San Sebastian, took the ball to the opponent’s half of the field and from there scored the first goal of the afternoon, which was much celebrated.

The fiercest fight continued and after a short while Arsuaga took a “penalty” with the big ball hitting the post.

San Sebastian even got more intense in the game and after another quarter of an hour Arrillaga from the opponent’s half of the field, helping a lot and McGuinness, taking effective advantage of the help, scored a new goal.

Bilbao did not give in to the match and on one occasion after an arduous fight, they took a penalty that was opportunely saved by the San Sebastián goalkeeper, Peter.

This is how the forty-five minutes of the first half of the game passed.

With the fields changed, in this second half, Bilbao, taking advantage of the waste of energy used by San Sebastián, which degenerated into fatigue, developed a beautiful game, which Bilbao ended by scoring a goal in the San Sebastián barracks.

A lively game of the forwards running the ball through both fields was the beginning of a new period of fighting, in which, taking advantage of a moment, San Sebastián took a “penalty” very well saved by Bilbao.

The match continued like this until the end of time, with no goals scored or penalties taken.

The victory was therefore for the San Sebastian team, rewarded with great applause as they left the line.

It is impossible to point out those who have distinguished themselves the most in this arduous struggle.

The San Sebastián team is very good, tough and strong, especially the forwards who played superbly: Simmons, McGuinness, Peter, all of them, performed at a high level.

The Bilbao side worked hard to achieve victory, and if there are honorable defeats, today was one of them.

The public was very satisfied.

El Pueblo Vasco, December 7, 1908.



(From our correspondent)

Bilbao, 6, 11.15

The announced football match between the San Sebastian and Athletic Club de Bilbao teams was held this afternoon at the Lamiako Field.

Few people attended, because in Bilbao the popularity of this sport is considerably decreasing.

The fight was quite lively, despite the fact that from the beginning the superiority of the San Sebastian team over the Bilbao team was seen.

The team from San Sebastián was therefore the winner, scoring two goals, while the team from Bilbao only managed to score one.

In the first half, those from San Sebastian scored two goals by McGuinness.

The San Sebastian defense fell asleep a bit in the second half of the game and taking advantage of this, Bilbao scored a goal.

The forwards were superior, with McGuinness distinguishing themselves and the defense very well, especially Alfonso Sena and Peter, who were colossal.

La Voz de Guipúzcoa, December 7, 1908.