Friendly Match
March 14, 1909, at 16.00
Atotxa Velodrome, San Sebastian

Ciclista Foot–Ball Club


Stade Bordelais UC



McGuinness 1–0

McGuinness 2–2

Rodríguez 3–2

Simmons 4–2

Rodríguez 5–2

1–1 Ribot

1–2 Arignac


  • Alfonso Sena
  • Arocena
  • Arrillaga
  • Bea
  • Lacort
  • McGuinness
  • Miguel Sena
  • Rodríguez
  • Simmons
  • Soacart
  • Usandizaga
  • Verdier
  • Lucas
  • Wright
  • Arignac
  • Echeverría
  • Soucas
Sr. Ortega



As we had announced, yesterday the great foot–ball match was played at the Atocha velodrome, between the first teams of the Stade Bordelais U. Club, and the Ciclista Foot–Ball Club, of San Sebastián.

The game began at a quarter to four in the afternoon.

Despite the bad weather, the velodrome looked very lively, although the rain left the field almost impassable.

The match was very competitive.

The teams of both societies disputed the victory inch by inch, being in the first moments difficult to predict which of the two I had to win.

There was a lot of unity in the Bordeaux team, with players with great drive, capable of fighting with the best team.

We have no need to say what it is about San Sebastián, since we have had more than one occasion to evaluate its qualities.

The match was won by the San Sebastián team, which scored five goals, against two by Bordeaux.

The game ended at a quarter to six in the afternoon, amidst great applause.

El Correo de Guipúzcoa, March 15, 1909


Yesterday’s match

Time has apparently decided not to allow us to witness any of the football matches that are announced, but our players, who have no rivals when it comes to bravery, laugh at the intentions of weather, and those of us who bravely “pendant” with them, can give satisfaction to our sporting hobbies, witnessing the “matches” even if they are served to us under the water.

Proof of the enormous interest that had been aroused by the match announced for yesterday between the first teams of the Stade Bordelaise and that of the C. F. B. C. of our city, the appearance that the velodrome offered despite the real deluge that transformed the field into a lagoon where all the yachts could sail of our registration.

In the stands and in the place designated for “general admission” there was a large audience, who before starting the match made comments about the probable highlight of the match.

At the announced time, a quarter to four, the referee Mr. Ortega gives the signal to begin.

The match

Bordeaux comes out and attacks with great enthusiasm, dominates for a moment, but the big–ball passes into the domain of our forwards who, after a beautiful combination, crosses Rodríguez, the goalkeeper Bordelais tries to stop the ball, but charged by our forwards he enters the goal, scoring the first goal in favor of the San Sebastian team.

Bordeaux comes out again and the big–ball is seen both in one field and in another. The Stade forwards combined admirably, managing to get the ball to our door and although Bea defended it with great courage, Bordelais also scored his first goal, leaving us tied at one.

Mac Guinness, the famous striker of our team, leaves limping due to a strong blow to one of his legs, and the San Sebastian team with only four forwards bombards the French goal, but Verdier stops everything.

There is a precise moment when the big–ball rolls one meter from the gate guarded by the Stade. The players, packed together, attack and defend themselves bravely, until the Bordeaux goalkeeper manages to save the situation by throwing the ball to the middle of the field and ending the first half, with the two tied to one.

Once the match was resumed, San Sebastián came out and attacked with more vigor, bombarding the Bordeaux goal for a long time, but Verdier stopped everything admirably, winning an ovation.

He takes the ball, which passes into our field and, with the Stade forward line taking control of it, he manages to score the second goal for Bordeaux.

The people of San Sebastián are willing not to let themselves be defeated, and they are growing considerably. The forwards combine admirably and Mac Guinness “shot” but Verdier stops the big–ball that escapes from their hands thanks to a charge from Rodríguez and Lacort scores the second goal for our team.

New combination of our forwards serves to add a little more to San Sebastián. The people from San Sebastian attack with enormous vigor. The big–ball passes from one forward to another with mathematical precision and a superb shot by Simmons gives San Sebastián the fourth goal.

Our team attacks again, Arrillaga scores admirably from one end and Rodríguez scores the fifth and last for the San Sebastian team, ending the match with their victory by five goals to two.

At the end of the match, the captain of Stade Bordelais, Mr. Lucas, gave an enthusiastic cheer to our team, which was answered by our players and the public with cheers to the Bordeaux team.

How they played

The Stade Bordelais team was infinitely superior to the one that previously played in our city and its line of forwards was reinforced with the three best players from the “Trefle á Quatre” of Bordeaux.

The eleven players who made up the team fought admirably and with unparalleled enthusiasm, showing that they wanted to get rid of their shin.

The field was in terrible conditions and this meant that Usos and other sportsmen could not develop their full game.

The Stade forward line, always divinely positioned and combining very well, is the best that has appeared on our field to fight with the San Sebastian team.

The defenses are also excellent and among them stood out our compatriot the midfielder Echeverría who played the unspeakable, the “back” Wright and the goalkeeper Vertier who was colossal all afternoon.

Our team, mainly, in the first half of the game, did not play with the enthusiasm of other times. The completely wet big–ball was directed at the players’ feet and they could not develop their beautiful and beautiful combination game.

Mac Guinness, the excellent striker, was always surrounded by two or three French players, making it impossible for him, due to the terrible loads to which he was subjected, to make any of his superb starts.

The Bordeaux players, understanding that this was the most dangerous point, tried to disable him and from one of the charges he came out with a terrible blow to one of his legs, a blow that forced him to leave the field, and he then played with great discomfort.

The team grew considerably when they realized that they had the worst of it and all the players that made up the team attacked with enormous vigor, and since then the bombardment of the Bordeaux goal has not stopped.

Captain Miguel Sena, who played a lot and well, had the saint on his back, as he did not manage to score a single goal, despite having shot on several occasions in which he hit the ball on the post.

Rodríguez played excellently and we will say the same about Alfonso Sena and Arocena.

Arrillaga had one of his best afternoons, the same as Usandizaga whose serious and cold game always disconcerts the opponent.

Bea, superb in defense. He made excellent starts and saved very difficult balls admirably.

Lacort, as always, doing mischief with the ball, and Simmons, especially in the last half, admirable.

The match turned out to be very interesting and if the weather had been better, we would have witnessed a superb match, since Bordeaux came determined to get even and our team was truly excellent.

El Pueblo Vasco, March 15, 1909

On “foot–ball„

Yesterday the announced international “match” took place at the Atocha velodrome, between the “Stade Bordelais N. Club” and the “Ciclista Foot–Ball–Club”, organized by the latter.

The match was extremely difficult given the poor conditions of the field, because due to how much it has rained these days, everything was full of puddles.

At a quarter to four when the match was to begin, a heavy downpour fell, which is why it did not start until after four.

At the said time and before a fairly large audience, the game began.

The San Sebastián team started with great vigor, but Bordeaux were not far behind them either; There were moments when it seemed that the French would dominate, who had the advantage over ours of forming a stronger team, and of being, apparently, more accustomed to playing in such conditions; since the number of falls of the French was much less than that of the Spanish; But on the other hand, the people from San Sebastian surpassed the first in skill and skill, which resulted in the victory being theirs.

The first goal was won by the Englishman Mac Guinness with the help of Mr. Rodríguez (both belonging to the Spanish team), immediately the first to the infirmary, where he was assisted by the doctor Mr. Celaya, who noticed a severe bruise on his right leg, suffered as a result of a kick received during the match: but Mr. Mac Guinness was not discouraged by this, but immediately returned to the field in order to help his teammates.

The second goal was the most beautiful of the afternoon and also the longest: after a rough fight, in which there were many falls and slips, the French managed, through Mr. Ribot, to score a goal, thus remaining at 1 equal .

They immediately begin the fight again, but it is suspended shortly after the regulation time has passed.

After about fifteen minutes of rest, they take out the ball again to continue the game.

Shortly after, Mr. Arignac, taking advantage of a fall by goalkeeper Mr. Bea, manages to score another goal for the French team.

The public encourages their countrymen, so that they do not allow themselves to be defeated by their opponents, and those who enter the fray with more determination, manage, after a short rally, to score the second goal, which like the first, was also scored by Mr. Mac Guinness.

From this moment, the Spaniards become owners of the field, because in a very short time they manage to score three more goals, noting that the first of them was the most notable of the afternoon, since Mr. Rodríguez won it while he was on the ground. and kicking the ball at the moment when it passed over him.

Then the public gave Mr. Rodríguez the warmest applause, as a reward for his work and skill.

The next goal was won by the Englishman Simmons, who was also part of our team, and the last one of the afternoon was scored by Mr. Rodríguez.

The result of the match was therefore five “goals” “Ciclista Foot–Ball-Club”, for two “goals” “Stade Bordelais N. Club”.

At the moment of Mr. Simmons making the sixth goal of the afternoon, Mr. Arocena and Rodríguez fell to the ground, suffering a severe cramp as a result of the blow and it was necessary for Mr. Arocena to be assisted by the doctor, Mr. Celaya: this It did not prevent Mr. Arocena from continuing to play nor did it prevent Mr. Rodríguez.

Among those from the San Sebastián team, all the forwards distinguished themselves, especially Messrs. Rodríguez, Mac Guinnes and Soacart; the half-lords Puente and Usandizaga; the defender Mr. Sena and especially the goalkeeper Mr. Bea who knew how to defend the tackle very well and stopped very difficult balls.

Of the French, the forwards Messrs. Ribot and Airignac distinguished themselves; the half-lord Echeverría, who was the one who worked the most; the defender Mr. Soucas and the goalkeeper Mr. Verdier.

The weather was terrible because it was raining for almost the entire match and the field conditions, as we have said before, could not have been worse, which was not an obstacle for those from San Sebastián to emerge victorious.

The audience steadfastly endured the heavy and incessant rain and at the end burst into cheers and applause for the winners.

La Constancia, March 15, 1909


Yesterday’s match

WWeather has decidedly declared war on the Ciclista Foot Ball Club; What crime has this sports society committed to be punished in this way?

Anyone who wants to know with complete certainty what the weather will be like tomorrow has only to ask if there is a football game announced.

Despite the fact that the rain had not stopped all day, the players decided to carry out the match, and the good fans well equipped with raincoats and umbrellas prepared to watch it.

The match was exciting and competitive despite the result, with San Sebastián slightly dominating.

Due to the poor state of the field, both teams lost many opportunities to score goals.

Slips and falls were common.

The public applauded with enthusiasm the beautiful plays of both teams and the “bravos”, “forward San Sebastián”, “charge Chomin”, etc., etc. were frequently heard.

Anyway, no one remembered that it was pouring rain: such was the enthusiasm of the public.

The match, as we have said, was very close, with the San Sebastian team demonstrating superiority over the Bordeaux team and in a clear way in the last ten minutes that they deployed the attack with energy, our team managing to score three goals in this short time.

On countless occasions San Sebastián found itself facing the opponent’s goal, but the state of the field prevented quick plays, resulting in a crowding of players, which is why the ball went out.

The San Sebastián team, despite being stronger than the previous one, did not show it as much on the field, as the players were very apathetic mainly in the first half, even when they made up for it in the second half of the game and especially in the last moments. Without a doubt none of it was due to the weather.

Lacort (who received well-deserved rounds of applause for his beautiful plays and antics) very well understood with the intelligent player Miguel Sena (who was brave) made beautiful plays that deserved real ovations.

It’s a pity that the latter was not helped by the slippery and water-filled ground he was walking on, since on many occasions he put the enemy goalkeeper in serious trouble.

Mac Guinness started very well, as always; but, as a result of a blow, he could not continue with the same vigor and another second blow received on the foot, shortly after, caused him to abandon the fight for twenty minutes, leaving the attack line reduced to four players.

Simmons, an intelligent and calm player like few others, spent the entire afternoon distributing the game very well, especially when he occupied the center.

Arocena from back, very good; he defended admirably, bravely and confidently. When he understands himself with Alfonso Sena they will form an invincible couple.

He is admirable, especially in the first half, that he saved the team from real tragedies by making beautiful exits and only being unfortunate, if you can call it that, in moments that were impossible to prevent the goal by slipping when he was trying to save it.

Rodríguez was unbeatable, earning fair ovations, both in the inside and outside game, he was continually carrying the ball to the end of the field, always finishing with a good cross, which was often not taken advantage of by the blessed floor.

Arriaga, another of the heroes, brave as always. This one is not daunted by cathedrals. He always enters with courage, to such an extent that enemies do not dare to get very close to him. Yesterday he played more defensively than attacking.

Usandizaga, somewhat apathetic in the first half, like all the players in general; On the other hand, superior in the second, distributing the game very well to the forwards.

He needs to get more used to using his left foot, which he can easily achieve with a little training.

Ruete showed himself to be an excellent defensive player, extremely hard-working and brave. His attacking game is not as precise. When he masters it he will be an extraordinary player.

Alfonso Sena, as always, the same, confident and skillful despite the difficulty that the terrain offered to make filigrees. He did them, however, hitting the ball in any position and always sending it to the right place.

The Bordeaux team played better and with more energy than the last time. So much so that moments before the end of the game the result was still in doubt. Thanks to the fact that our team woke up and knew how to overwhelm them, otherwise the first defeat would count today, with the Bordeaux team being a goal ahead 20 minutes before the end of the game.

In this team, the hero of the afternoon was our countryman Echeverría, who supported the entire team’s load, because at the same time that he distributed the game to his forwards, he did not neglect for a moment the interiors of the San Sebastián team, continually canceling their plays, thank you to the amazing interceptions he made of the passes that were directed at them. He is an admirable player; just like he sounds.

The forwards were better than the other time. They played a very fast and beautiful combination game, understanding very well with their midfielders, who helped them.

The backs played admirably, putting up heroic defense on both occasions.

In the rest of the team, goal keeper Mr. Creuzan stood out, brave as he alone. He was not daunted or made to faint by the continuous attacks, which, by the way, were not weak; He defended his goal like the best soldier his flag; He was rightly applauded on many occasions. At the end of the game he was cheered wherever he passed. On several occasions he was overwhelmed by those from San Sebastián, falling under two or three.

Dr. Celaya had to rub Arocena and Mac Guinness, the first for a severe cramp and the second for a bruised foot.

The public left very satisfied because it was a match of emotions and magnificent plays.

And now an extraordinary match is being prepared for the 25th, which will make an epoch, with a very famous team from abroad.

S. S.

La Voz de Guipúzcoa, March 15, 1909