Liverpool, United Kingdom, 1887 — Somme, France, 1916

George McGuinness was born in the Toxteth neighborhood of Liverpool on October 6, 1887, studied at Saint Francis Xavier’s College and played for the defunct Harrowby FC.

He arrives in Donostia where he teaches English to Perico Bea, the San Sebastián FC goalkeeper, who encourages him to participate in the team. He played with Ciclista FC in the 1909 Spanish Championship —Cup— which he managed to win as one of the stars, scoring two goals in each of the three games of the championship, including the final against Español de Madrid.

After playing in the final of the Pyrenees Cup with Real Sociedad in 1910, he returned to England where he taught at St. Laurence’s Roman Catholic School in Birkenhead, until the First World War broke out and he joined the 30th Division of the King’s Regiment of Liverpool Infantry, in its 18th Battalion.

He died in the Battle of the Somme at Montauban-de-Picardie and his name is on the Thiepval Memorial along with that of 70,000 other Britons.

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